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Partnership Dialogue
Minimizing and Addressing Ocean Acidification
New Zealand statement
Delivered by Hon. Maggie Barry
New Zealand Minister of Conservation
6 June 2017
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Thank you co-Chairs
We are all here because we recognise the importance of healthy oceans for
sustainable development.
This means acknowledging the threats that are facing the oceans and taking action
to address them.
Ocean acidification is one of the most significant of these threats. We have heard
today about the causes and impacts of ocean acidification and about some of the
actions that can be taken to address and minimise it.
New Zealand has committed to taking action on ocean acidification, both in our own
waters and in the Pacific region.
Domestically, New Zealand collects scientific data from 14 coastal stations around
the country, working with regional councils and the aquaculture industry.
Included in the 1.6 billion dollars that the New Zealand government funds for science,
is a commitment to fund a national project entitled "Coastal Acidification: Rate,
Impacts & Management" which assesses the effects of coastal water acidification on
species of particular environmental and economic importance.
We recognise that community outreach is vital in addressing ocean acidification. An
important part of this project is information exchange and engagement with Maori,
schools and other community groups.
In 2014 New Zealand partnered with the United States and the Secretariat of the
Pacific Regional Environment Programme, to host an international workshop to
examine ocean acidification in the context of sustainable development of small island
developing states.
Following this, New Zealand initiated and provided funding for the "New Zealand
Pacific Partnership on Ocean Acidification," which is being led by the Secretariat of
the Pacific Regional Environment Programme.
Through this partnership, we are working to strengthen resilience and build
awareness of this emerging threat to the ocean and to the coastal communities who
depend on the ocean's resources for their survival and livelihoods.
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The New Zealand Pacific Partnership on Ocean Acidification will identify and
implement practical adaptation actions; undertake research and monitoring initiatives;
find ways to address capacity-building needs and raise awareness; and build
resilience by reducing other stressors on the marine environment.
New Zealand acknowledges the work of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional
Environment Programme and we are grateful to the Principality of Monaco for their
contribution to this important work.
Finally, I would like to express our hope that others will join New Zealand to provide
further funding and scale to this partnership.
Thank you.