United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Intervention by Marieke van der Werf at meeting on private sector, May 9, 2006
In The Netherlands CSR is an important issue. Many companies not only set ambitious goals
concerning good housekeeping and sustainable entrepeneurship, but they also adopt projects
which benefits for the community, both domestically and in foreign and developing countries.
The Dutch government stimulates and rewards these initiatives in many ways.
What we notice in The Netherlands however, is that companies are sometimes in sea rch for
good projects by which they can contribute to the wellbeing of local communities, the country
or even the world.
Now Mrs. Fisher gave a clear direction for these projects, namely by looking at the supply
chain. This supply chain guides DuPont in setting up projects that eventually create business
But companies in other branches and other situations might be looking for setting up goodwill
practices and projects in developing countries. Not only for the sake of saving the world but
also to create a better image. It must be possible to create a better match between international
demands and projects offering companies.
So, in addition to the suggestion made by Austria, namely: facilitating a clearance house for
information, to inform the business community on upcoming regulatory changes affecting the
trade, we suggest to also provide information on project-ideas with business opportunities in
developing countries.