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Intervention in the discussion on renewable energy by Marieke van der Werf,
Womens?s Representative in the delegation of The Netherlands
CSD-14, Wednesday 3, 2006
Renewable energy as a source for increasing energy services together with
capacitybuilding, is, in principle, the best solution for the wellbeing of all people on this
earth. We thank the distinguished delegate of Australia for stressing the importance of
involving the local community in remote areas.
Concerning renewable energy, The Netherlands agree very much with our geographical
naighbour, mr. Tritin, and with other speakers who were in favour of renewables. We
would like to add some comments on the topic.
The costs of implementation of technology might be extremely high. There is not a
convincing solution for this. This creates a barrier for the poor in developing countries.
Especially women in developing countries might go on suffering for lack of energy a
long time. This keeps them, and their daughters, away from leisure, education,
transportation, sufficient health care and economic activities. Because of this, we raise a
Considering the efforts of the EU, as presented by Austria and also the efforts of other
countries, as well as the motivition to enlarge these efforts, as is the spirit of these
meeting... considering these..., is it an option to not only regard renewables as the
solution for access to energy, but consider diversification and also fossils for some
specific situations? We would like to hear the opinion of the pannellists on this.