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Intervention by the Netherlands (2 May 2006)
Yesterday the WHO mentioned the need to chop up the large 'people without access' numbers in
smaller targets. The Netherlands has set a target of providing 10 million people with access to
modern energy services by 2015. The Netherlands targets mean access to cooking energy and
electricity. For the Netherlands access to modern energy services ia a condition for achieving the
The target is dealt with in the context of sectorwide approach in line with the paris Agenda on
harmonisation and with the national governments in the driver seat. The national polices like
PRSP and and national budgetsare the leading frameworks. The targets should be seen as the
outcome of the sectorsupport with a strong pro poor focus. It is a change from an input effort to
an output target. Nowadays is the emphasis still on the large investments in powerplants mainly
favouring the richer part of society whereas the MDGs are aimed at poverty reduction.
Yesterday the discussion was if the 10 million people shouldn't be 10 million women. 10 Million
women with access means 10 million households and that is many more than 10 million people.
But the target focusses very much on women and girls since they suffer most from the lack of
The target is not necessarely access to clean energy. For the poor access is more important than
the environental side of it. The additional CO2 emission from the provision of energy to the poor
amounts, according to UNDP, only 1-2 %. Of course where financially and economically
feasible the choice will be on the cleanest form possible.