United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Mr. Chairman,
Allow me to open this statement by stressing our support for the statement made
yesterday by the EU delegation on behalf of all EU Member States.
The day before yesterday (on 5th of May) the Netherlands hosted a CSD side-event on
?How to Stimulate Sustainable Consumption and Production?.
During this event we shared with the participants some best practices from the
Netherlands in the field of public and private partnerships, including considerable public
and private financial investments and public procurement to support SCP. This was done
in cooperation with the IDH organization, the Sustainable Trade Initiative of the
Netherlands, which in barely two years of its existence has produced some very
promising results.
The event triggered a stimulating exchange of views between representatives of the
public and private sectors and major groups, both from the North and the South.
However, it was felt that the private sector could and should be more visible in the CSD
discussions on SCP and that its voice should be heard louder and more often.
We therefore suggest that in the context of CSD a yearly meeting be established
between interested governments, front-running companies and major groups to discuss
progress in creating global SCP and also to create a learning environment.
Thank you.