United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

The Netherlands

Statement by the Kingdom of The Netherlands

Joint Session between Financing for Development and Post-2015 Processes

22 April 2015

Science and technology

Thank you co-facilitators for this discussion
- a special word of thanks to the Ambassadors of Brazil and Switzerland for the interactive discussion this morning.
- We align ourselves with the statement made by the EU and I will add a few remarks.
- Cooperation on knowledge, capacity building, innovation and technological solutions are high priorities for the (Kingdom of) the Netherlands in our development cooperation policies.
- cooperation, innovation and transfer are actually happening as we speak at various levels by many stakeholders and need to be promoted.

3 points
- First, as highlighted by colleagues, we do not see science and technology as relevant only to our overall package. We need an integrated approach. Following the logic of the SDGs, specific thematic areas offer opportunities where cooperation on technology and knowledge, science and innovation can help accelerate the delivery of the goals. After all, in the OWG report reference is made to technology in 7 goals, other than Goal 17.

As our Swiss colleague said, multi-stakeholder partnerships on specific thematic issues such as food security and agriculture, water and sanitation, energy and infrastructure are key for delivering the post-2015 agenda. In such partnerships there is a clear role for science, technology and knowledge cooperation. Health and food security are areas where we already see good examples.

- Second, we look forward to hearing more on the nuts and bolts of a Technology Facilitation Mechanism, including the idea of a forum as suggested by Ambassador Kamau this morning. We also look forward to the recommendations of the High Level Panel on the Technology Bank for LDCs.

- Third, we reiterate the importance of inclusion, also in this context. As the representative of Bangladesh said: there is a significant gender gap on science and technology. We need to address this issue. We also need to build on indigenous knowledge and solutions to contribute to sustainable development.

We look forward to continuing this discussion.

Thank you.