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Netherlands intervention on energy, IPM/CSD 15
27th February 2007
In addition to the excellent statement of our collegue from Germany, on behalf of the EU,
which we fully support, I would like to add two action oriented observations from the
Following the WSSD, the Netherlands Development cooperation adopted a quantitative target
on access to energy in line with para 9 of the JPOI. Since 2002, therefore we developed a
series of actions to promote access to modern energy services for the poor, especially
targeting access to energy for 10 million persons, with special benefits to women and
children. This access to energy programme works mainly through multinational channels,
such as the WB GVEP, UNDP, the African Development Bank, public private partnerships
and partnerships with ngo?s, such as the Women Network on Energy that will organise a side
event later this week, and to a much lesser extent through bilateral cooperation with partner
countries. Recently the Netherlands government decided on additional ODA funding
especially earmarked to sustainable energy services in developing countries.
We know that also other donors have been very active in the area of access to modern and
sustainable energy these years. We would welcome very much if donor countries, at CSD15,
would present on activities and instruments to improve access to modern, sustainable and
affordable energy services in line with WSSD commitments, as we intend to do ourselves.
The very timely initiatives of some developing countries to develop national energy plans in
line with the national planning to realise MDG?s, including access to the poor, and
diversification of energy sources, as we heard yesterday from the Caribbeans and today from
Guatemala and other delegations to our view, clearly demonstrates growing ownership with
the WSSD agenda. Chair, the Netherlands would be delighted if you allow us to hear more
about similar energy planning initiatives in developing countries at CDS15.
In the field of renewable energy, the Netherlands is seeking ways to make the production of
bio-fuels more sustainable. In line with the EU statement, the Netherlands favours an
inclusive dialogue on biofuels production within the CSD. We follow with great interest the
international discussions on this item, for example within FAO, UNEP and WB. The
Netherlands has the intention to organise a side event on sustainable production of biofuels at