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Interventions Preparatory meeting to the Ocean Conference MPA ACTION GROUP

Thank you co-facilitator. I speak on behalf of the MPA Action Group, a partnership of civil society organizations and foundations.
WWF, CI,Rare, Oceana, TNC, Waitt Foundation
Support the inclusion of the following elements in the Call for Action:
1. The importance of marine conservation tools, such as MPAs and LMMAs (including important coastal ecosystems - mangrove forests) to achieve SDG14 (particularly but not exclusively target 14.2); and
the need to mainstream marine biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries for achieving the SDGs, including successful investment models (that mutually) reinforce SDG 14.5 and Aichi Target 11.
We also support (the) interventions made by several countries to (go beyond this target and) achieve the a 30 percent goal by 2030 in the IUCN’s recent resolution
2. We would like to (again) emphasize the importance of not only creating MPAs but ALSO managing them effectively and financing them securely, so that we do not end up with paper parks to increase the portion of the ocean that is protected.
3. While the Prep Com has been focussed on the partnership dialogues and the call for actions, we would like to draw to your attention the high number of tier 3 indicators for SDG14, and urgent attention this warrants. Indicators will determine the success or failure of SDG14, as they will be measure of the change we are seeking for the oceans and those who depend on it, and therefore your urgent attention is needed to address the data gaps and research needs.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to provide our input during the Prep Com and we look forward to constructively working with you all in the coming months and years to come for a healthy ocean for all.