United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Montenegro and Slovenia

Division for the Support to the National Council for Sustainable Development
Date: 7 May 2014
Sustainable consumption and production
Climate change
SI and MNE elements for 11th session of OWG SDGs
Focus area 11: Sustainable consumption and production
In general, we support proposed targets under this focus area.
Particularly we would support possible target related to achieving sustainable use
and management of natural resources. At the same time this target should also be
complemented by focusing on the promotion of resource efficiency.
By contributing to the sustainable use of natural resources further attention should be
given also to efficient use of economic/market based instruments of environmental
and climate related policies, like taxing the environmental pollution and to the
assessment and phasing out environmentally harmful subsidies.
We would support possible target on the reduction of waste through prevention,
reduction, recycling and reuse, as well as on the improvement of resource
productivity, including through sustainable supply chain.
We would support possible target on resource productivity in a manner to contribute
to decoupling the resource utilization and environmental pollution with economic
We would welcome possible target on promotion of sustainable lifestyles and on
raising awareness and on providing appropriate information about products to
We support your approach towards addressing the importance of corporate social
responsibility and environmental sustainability. Such actions also promote links
between human rights and responsible entrepreneurship and private sector in
We would welcome possible target on the promotion of and incentives for sustainable
tourism as it has win-win opportunities for all three dimensions of sustainable
In addition to the proposed actions, we consider that in terms of sustainable
consumption, the priorities should also include: incentives for the development of
green entrepreneurship, raising awareness of consumers to favour the products with
lesser environmental impact, including through providing sustainability information on
products and services, and green (sustainable) public procurement.
We believe that management of chemicals should have more prominent role,
especially actions toward eliminating harmful impacts of chemicals.
We would support possible actions on phasing out of harmful chemicals and
developing sustainable alternatives. We also support actions on promoting rational,
informed and responsible use of chemicals in general, not only in industry.
We should also consider targeting reduction of exposure to harmful substances,
including in products, and leaking of toxic substances into the environment.
Focus Area 12: Climate change
We believe that the protection of climate should be seen as a cross-cutting issue, and
appropriately addressed in all relevant SDGs and associated targets. In this regard
we welcome the inclusion of climate perspective in several focus areas, including
agriculture, industry and cities.
We have pointed out before that action on both – mitigation and adaptation - is
needed. We advocate for stronger focus on building resilience of the most vulnerable
ecosystems, including coastal and mountain ones. It is highly important to support
application of adaptation measures in the most vulnerable sectors, e.g. agriculture,
tourism, urban planning. Development of low-carbon emission technologies and
transfer of technology should play an important role in strengthening capacities for
mitigation actions.
We would support a target which would aim at holding the global average
temperature change below 2 degrees.
We believe that we should also promote awareness for enhancing protection of
persons displaced due to climate change and environmental reasons.
We restate our position that we need to avoid any duplication with the UNFCCC
process and achieve that the inclusion of climate change in the future agenda and
UNFCCC process are mutually supportive.