United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Montenegro and Slovenia

Division for the Support to the National Council for Sustainable Development
Date: 5 May 2014
Health and population dynamics
Education and life-long learning
SI and MNE elements for 11th session of OWG SDGs
Focus area 3: Health and population dynamics
We continue our support for across government approach to health and for standalone
goal on health issues.
We welcome your approach to the formulation of possible heath goal, which focuses
on maximizing healthy lives for all.
We welcome the inclusion of unfinished business of health-related MDGs into
possible targets under this goal.
We welcome focus on universal health coverage, universal access to medicines and
vaccines and inclusion of sexual and reproductive health in possible targets. We
believe that universal access should ensure quality and comprehensive sexual and
reproductive health that will enable improvement in achieving unfinished business of
We would like to draw special focus on non-communicable diseases, especially on
the investments in prevention of risk factors and on the promotion of stronger
connection between health and its environmental determinants/factors.
We wish to point out two additional topics which should be appropriately reflected in
possible targets, namely the health and long-term care needs of ageing population
and improvement of mental health.
In the context of proposed target on the elimination of abuse of narcotic drugs and
substances we believe that the reduction of demand for illegal drugs could also be
addressed (this issue could be also addressed under the goal on peaceful societies).
Focus Area 4: Education and life-long learning
We reiterate our position that education is a fundamental human right and remains
one of the key challenges for development, as well as a precondition for the long
term competitiveness and sustainability of all societies.
We welcome focus on promoting progressive access to education with special
emphasis on equal rights for boys and girls. It is important that not only people with
disabilities but also other vulnerable and marginalized groups would remain in focus
of education SDG through inclusive education measures.
We welcome focus on life-long learning and education of adults. However, we believe
that this element should be better reflected throughout the targets under this goal.
We welcome the reflection on the importance of vocational training and integrating
relevant knowledge and skills in education curricula.
We support the inclusion of sustainable development education in education
curricula. In this regard, equally important are also health education and human rights
education. The latter is also an essential element for efficient overall protection and
promotion of human rights. We would also support possible actions related to the
promotion of culture`s dimension of sustainable development.