United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Montenegro and Slovenia

Division for the Support to the National Council for Sustainable Development
Date: 5 May 2014
Poverty eradication, building shared prosperity and promoting equality
Sustainable agriculture, food security, and nutrition
SI and MNE elements for 11th session of OWG SDGs
Focus area 1: Poverty eradication, building shared prosperity and promoting equality
We welcome the broad recognition that poverty eradication is an overarching priority
of our future agenda. We continue supporting stand-alone goal on poverty
eradication and promoting equality.
We welcome the proposed targets under this goal, especially emphasis on
eradicating extreme poverty and reducing proportion of people, living under national
poverty lines. We believe that proposed target on eradication of extreme poverty by
2030 should be further defined. In this regard emphasis should be put on bringing the
number of people living below 1.25 USD a day to zero by 2030. Possible higher
target (perhaps 2 USD a day) should be also considered.
We welcome the proposed target on the implementation of social protection
measures, including social protection floors. We believe that additional emphasis
should be put on the issue of access to social protection. Again we would like to
point out that an important role in achieving equality lies also within realization of
universal human rights, access to justice, good governance and effective institutions.
We recognize the importance of achieving full and productive employment for all,
especially young people, which represent an important part of our society and can
bring out new creative and economic potential that can accelerate the overall growth
and development.
We welcome the possible target on building resilience to vulnerabilities, especially
natural disasters.
We believe that possible targets under this goal could also better reflect the two of
our previous proposals namely the inclusion of social investment measures and
strengthening the connection between sustainable environment and poverty
Focus Area 2: Sustainable agriculture, food security, and nutrition
Sustainable agriculture and food security need our continuous attention. We support
stand-alone goal on food security and good nutrition that should also address
sustainable agriculture.
We strongly support putting in place sustainable land use policies by 2020 in
enforcing policy measures related to sustainable agriculture and food security.
By supporting this proposal we would like to point out the significance of applying the
sustainable spatial planning instruments which mainly refer to achievement of a
balanced ratio of green areas and rural areas on one hand and construction areas on
the other hand, and prevention of intensive conversion of agricultural and forest land
into construction zones. In that regard we would like to highlight the importance of
applying the specific space/land use indicators such as continual progress in
approaching the target on prohibition of the net conversion of land after 2050.
We welcome focus on food security and appropriate nutrition.
We support the inclusion of climate, water and chemicals related possible targets
under this goal. We also welcome the inclusion of possible target on climate smart
agriculture that is resilient and adaptable to extreme weather.
We continue highlighting the importance of access to resources for both, men and
women, and for small-scale farmers. We welcome the possible target on the
protection of agricultural biodiversity. To foster the protection agricultural biodiversity
we would like to propose that a special reference is made to the promotion of
knowledge and best practices on organic agricultural production and where
appropriate stimulation of integrated agricultural and touristic product.
Again we would like to highlight our proposal from previous session on the promotion
of responsible agricultural investments and on the promotion of non-agricultural
employment possibilities in rural areas (both can be also reflected under focus areas
on cities or economic growth and employment).