United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Montenegro and Slovenia

Division for the Support to the National Council for Sustainable Development
Date: 3 April 2014
Cluster 6: Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and
seas; Ecosystems and biodiversity
Joint input of Montenegro and Slovenia for the 10th Meeting of OWG SDG
I have the honour to speak on behalf of Slovenia and Montenegro.
Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas:
As we have strongly advocated in the last session, concrete targets in these areas
should follow already agreed international goals and commitments.
· Targets on oceans and seas should properly address unsustainable extraction
of marine resources, marine pollution as well as promote integrated coastal
· Some of most important possible actions from our point of view include:
o promoting sustainable use of marine resources;
o encouraging sustainable small-scale fisheries;
o establishing Marine Protected Areas.
· We suggest that our further deliberations also take into consideration:
o promoting establishment of connections land/shore/sea for sustainable
use of natural resources;
o decreasing conflicts among different sectors and uses of shore and sea
(transport, energy, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism), possibly through
integrated management.
Ecosystems and biodiversity:
Concrete targets in these areas should follow already agreed international goals and
Through targets on forests we should primarily achieve a reduction of deforestation,
degradation and foster sustainable use, management and conservation of forests.
Forests as one of most important and complex world's ecosystems that provide for
many ecosystem services, need to have visible place in SDGs.
Forests should be included also in the goal on water and sanitation among waterlinked
Valuation of ecosystem services needs to be an integral part of the future SDG
Targets on sustainable management of biodiversity should lead to restoration and
safeguarding of ecosystems that provide essential services, decrease of biodiversity
loss and reduction in trafficking and illegal trade of wildlife.
We wish to point out some possibilities to address biodiversity in our future
discussions that are not yet included in the Focus Area on Ecosystems and
o ensuring that ecosystems, which provide vital ecosystem services are
restored and safeguarded;
o restoring degraded wetland ecosystems and protecting natural
wetlands and their catchments;
o ensuring that invasive alien species (IAS) and their pathways are
identified, controlled and IAS eradicated;
o including biodiversity in relevant sectorial policies and strategies;
o maintaining biosafety.
We call for better inclusion of biodiversity also in other two goals, namely:
o Within sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition goal the
genetic diversity of farmed and cultivated species and their wild
relatives can be emphasized;
o Within water and sanitation goal we propose to address not only
eliminating invasive alien species in water bodies but also prevention of
their introduction in water bodies.