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Statement by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II ofMonaco
Interactive Dialogue 6: Delivering on a revitalized global partnership
New York, 26 September 2015
(Unofficial Translation)
Mr. Co-Presidents,
Implementing the most ambitious sustainable development program and achieving the targets we have set for ourselves require revitalized global partnership in which all citizens and decision makers must contribute their expertise and their skills.
Monaco has always favored international cooperation based on donations to serve the most vulnerable especially women and children, and it collaborates with Monegasque and foreign NGOs, as well as local communities, for efficiency and integration.
Though these partnerships, we give priority to health, education, socio-economic integration, protection and promotion ofbiodiversity and action against climate change.
Whilst the international community has recognized the central role of oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development, we must:

Establish a new governance. Monaco remains determined to produce an agreement on the conservation of marine biological diversitY. beyond areas ofnational jurisdiction;

Combat overfishing, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and to end destructive fishing practices;

Eliminate high sea fisheries subsidies which jeopardize the conservation and sustainable use of marme resources;

Tackle the calises of ocean acidification by strengthening scientific cooperation at all levels.
In this regard, Monaco fully supports the proposal to establish a follow-up mechanism for SDG 14 through the organization of triennial conferences, as to duly ensure implementation of our commitments towards oceans and seas.
I welcome and will participate in Ocean Day at COP 21, which is based in a multi-stakeholder partnership approach. This demonstrates the capacity of stakeholders to mobilize for this major challenge.
We represent the Peoples of the Earth who are asking us to preserve our common heritage, our environment, our climate.
Mr. Co-Presidents,
The situation in the Mediterranean Sea, which is so close to my heart, is a tragedy. We must unite to put an end to human trafficking, to piracy, to drug trafficking and slavery, so that the seas that carried our history remain the bearer of our future.
My country will continue to be a responsible and caring partner.
I thank you.