United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


3 March 2011 , UN Headquarters, New York
Mauritius is a Small Island Developing State. We have limited
resources and we are very vulnerable to climate change.
Therefore, SCP stands very high on the agenda of my
government. We are fully conscious that the cost of inaction
would be too high. It is therefore a matter of urgency for us to
shift towards green growth and therefore to SCP.
In fact, since 2008, our Prime Minister has announced his
vision of making Mauritius a green and sustainable island- the
Maurice Ile Durable Vision. And therefore there is no way we
can attain this vision if we do not reduce our wastage of
resources and we do not improve our resource use efficiency.
The Marrakech Process and the 10 YFP on SCP has been a
guiding tool for us. Mauritius was selected as a pilot country
by UNEP to develop a 5 year National Programme on SCP for
Mauritius (2008-2013) which consists of 44 projects. The
programme is currently under implementation by various
leading agencies / Ministries of Mauritius.
We have also developed our SCP Indicators last year and we
were happy to observe that the energy consumption per capita
and the energy intensity have gone down in the last years.
Therefore, our economy is becoming more energy- efficient.
SCP is therefore the only way we can survive and stand
competitive against the global financial crisis and the rising
prices in fossil fuels.
So therefore, we need to further support the laudable
initiatives of UNEP.
The consolidated 10 YFP for CSD 19 builds upon lessons
learned and provides for
(i) A formal secretariat for SCP for better visibility,
sustainability and continuity of the projects
(ii) A global financial , technical and political mechanism for
promoting SCP
(iii) More knowledge sharing and networking by better
communication on best practices
(iv) Global programmes which respond to the needs of
We believe that it should also
(i) provide for a global reporting mechanism
(ii) engage more public- private partnership
(iii) engage religious / spiritual leaders in [promoting
sustainable lifestyles
We know that unless there is a global drive towards SCP, the
isolated efforts of a few countries will not work. So all societies
have their role to play, be it developed or developing countries.
My Government therefore fully supports UNEP in its
recommendations of the consolidated 10 YFP which we
strongly believe will help crystallize SCP all across the globe.
Thank You