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Thank you, Mr Chair.
My delegation wishes to associate itself with the statements made by Grenada on behalf of
AOSIS and by Jamaica on behalf of the G77&China.
Mr Chair,
SIDS Day today is dedicated to assessing implementation of sustainable development initiatives
in SIDS. We wish to thank the UN in organizing this PrepCom for the high level review of the
Mauritius Strategy for Implementation, as well as our development partners for their continued
support to the sustainable development initiatives in Mauritius, including the ?Maurice Ile
Durable? project.
Mr Chair,
Mauritius has been actively pursuing a sustainable development strategy, despite our inherent
vulnerabilities as well as capacity and financial constraints. We remain committed to promote
SIDS advocacy and to contribute to the continued efforts of the international community to
address SIDS vulnerabilities. It is along this spirit that in 2005, Mauritius proudly hosted the 10
year review of the Barbados Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small
Island Developing States.
Mr Chair,
The national and regional assessment reports, as well as the report of the Secretary-General, on
the review of the MSI demonstrate that although development progress achieved in SIDS was
largely due to SIDS efforts themselves, such progress would have been slower without support
from our development partners. The same reports consistently describe the continuing challenges
which small island developing States face in their efforts to advance implementation of the
Mauritius Strategy. Renewed efforts and increased support are urgently required to address rising
socio-economic disparities, especially in the wake of the recent multiple crises and the need for
SIDS to continuously adapt to climate change impacts.
Mr Chair,
As part of the global response to strengthen the resilience of SIDS called for in this session
earlier today, we also wish for :
(i) Specific support to accelerate economic diversification in SIDS, in particular the
promotion of service sectors in SIDS economies.
(ii) Special and differential treatment to address loss of trade preferences, in order to enable
SIDS economies to recover from the recent multiple crises.
We believe that the five year high level review of the Mauritius Strategy should also be
undertaken within the preparatory perspective of the 2012 Rio+20 Conference, which would
consider the greening of the economy in the broader context of sustainable development and
opportunities for poverty alleviation.
We look forward to actively collaborate with our partners in this review process for tangible
Thank you.