United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Marshall Islands

Short reactions to issue and info from panelists morning and afternoon of 8 May. No
more than 3 minutes. Reaction made 8 May afternoon CSD14.
Thank you Mr. Chairman,
I take this opportunity to thank the panelists for their excellent presentations. We also
align ourselves with the statement made on behalf of AOSIS this morning.
We also thank our international partners who are providing working to provide assistance
to us on renewable energy to help us implement our programs and strategies.
Mr. Chairman,
As stressed in the presentation by Ms. Atina Myazoe, the RMI is focusing on sustainable
livelihoods as stipulated in our current policies as well as addressing our serious concerns
for climate change.
In this regard, the presentation listed constraints and challenges that are significant and
on-going; these still require constant attention and considerable resources. Hence, we
bring these up often as they are cross-cutting is sues and will continue to hinder better
progress towards sustainable development including the MDGs. For example, long term
sustainable financing, building capacity and regular training of the local capacity are
necessary to ensure that programs/projects are sustainable and successful and that the
initial investments made are well worth it.
Furthermore, it is important to harmonize donor procedures or the difficulties of
procedures or the frequent changes to ensure actual partnership is realized sooner and
actual implementation of activities do not take too long. If project implementation takes
too long or uncertainties occur, there is great potential for mistrust of local communities,
particularly those areas of cultural sensitivities.