United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Groups: Children and Youth, Trade Union, Women, Indigenous Peoples

Goal 8

My name is Sascha Gabizon, WECF International and I am speaking on behalf of MGChildren and Youth, Trade Union MG, Women Major Gr, Indigenous Peoples MG

Goal 8 was discussed lengthy, with a number of countries presenting proposals which we are concerned about.

We strongly believe that this goal should focus on decent work, with inclusive and sustainable economic development within planetary boundaries.

We reject the notion that economic growth should be the focus, too often economic growth has been job-less growth, has not benefitted development.

Prioritizing growth for growth over everything else has lead to increased inequalities, poverty and environmental destruction and pollution.

Industrialized countries need to create ecological space for low income countries to grow their value added.

We propose to move to the beginning of the title “decent work for all” as that that is the goal, and this is achieved through inclusive, sustainable economic development.

For target 1, we recommend to delete the mention of growth and focus on increased per capita human development and GDP in low income countries, by adding both we bring in the multi-dimensional aspects of poverty eradication.

For target 2, should be retained

For target 3, should mention the right to work and living wage as well as gender pay gap and informal and migrant workers

We strongly support 8.4, retain

For 8.5, we suggest however qualifying sound macro-economic by adding that it should promote equitable, environmental and socially sound development,
and ensuring redistributive fiscal policies
The macro-economics targets needs in addition a target bis. on absolute not relative decoupling economic growth from ecological footprint, by setting targets to place caps on virgin resource extraction (new mines, logging of primary forest) including through Cap-and-Share.

We suggest additions to 8.5:
• 8.5.bis Increase union membership density by x% by 2030
• By 2020 Protect the rights of all workers, including migrant workers, in compliance with ILO fundamental principles and rights at work, and international labour standards
• By 2020 ensure a minimum living wage sufficient to support a family to live with dignity, particularly workers in the informal sector, women workers, domestic workers, and migrant workers

Both target 8.6 and 8.7 need rewording to focus on accountable, transparent, socially just and environmentally sound businesses, tourism and investments, and could refer to UNEP’s E-RISC (Ecological Risk Integration to Sovereign Credit).

Target 8.8 needs to reflect the important development role of Cooperatives, creation of jobs, local markets, equitable access and alternate forms of ownership

Target 8.9 needs to reflect that economies that promote decent work

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Target 8.12 often infrastructure and unchecked free trade have detrimental impacts on people living in poverty and the environment, for example from land-grabbing or displacements for large dams. This target needs to ensure that infrastructure will have environmental, social and gender impact assessment, full participation of impacted communities and redress and liability measures.

Target 8.13 on ending child labour we strongly support, and suggest adding -forced labour and legal recourse.

Target 8.14 This is a key target, which requires the additional mention of full access to social protection. (ref: ILO convention C177 on home work (work in the informal economy) and end policies that promote the exploitation of migrant workers, including through the regulation of recruitment agencies and the elimination of debt bondage.

Target 8.16 on Beyond GDP is key of course, can be merged with 8.1.

Co-chairs, this Goal is very large with many targets, and some countries have suggested to split this goal. We believe it belongs together, but we would suggest that you add a third type of indicator, maybe in grey colour, in addition to the unique targets of the goal, the MOI targets of the goal and then the inter-linkage targets of the goal, which are targets which have been taken out of other goals and refer to this goal area.

Thank you chair