United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Workers & Trade

Statement by Jesper Lund-Larsen, Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator, United
Federation of Danish Workers UNFW (on behalf of Trade Unions)
Thank you madam chair and thank to EU and G77 represent for there comments about involving
major groups.
Trade Union thinks it is very important that all major groups in the rest of the two weeks get the
possibility to give comments in all sections, and hope that the chair woman reflex on EU?s
comments means that we will have this possibility.
The major group is a very important group and must be involved in the plan for the future.
The trade union find that sustainable development and human settlement have a very important
role for saving the future, and find it is important that the workers are involved in what is going
on in the area of there home and there working places.
It is important that the public sector take the leading of human settlement, and involve the
different major group in the project, especially the workers because they are those who are doing
the concrete work.
They need education and instruction about what is going on, so the can do a better job that will
result in a better result.
We, which mean my union in Denmark, are involved in a project where we try to describe how
we can create new green job, which also include, health and safety at working places, core labour
standards etc.
We are looking at
Water supplier
Alternative energy
Waste recycling
Public transportation
Recycling Building materials
Organic farming
We already now, can see that we as minimum can create 36.000 new green jobs, where we can
help the government to fulfil there promise about creating new job, and at the same time we can
protect the environment, and show that the trade union, not only looking at salary but also at
other project.
Sweden and Mexico talk about how important it is to take care of the woman and the youth, and
we of cause support that, because they are also our members, but for the trade union it is
important that we are thinking at all kind of workers and take care of the future for them.
The public sector and the trade union can in a partnership, help each other to create new green
job, where the workers can see how there tax money are being used in a good way, and where
both the working places and the environment are protected.