United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Workers & Trade

Trade Unions agree with the Chairman?s Draft on the need to base climate change policies on the
principles of sustainable development. We support the notion that implementing climate change
policies can yield co-benefits, including improved health, cleaner air and a long-run competitive
industrial development.
Trade unions welcome and support the following proposals: to strengthen existing mechanisms
for adaptation activities and improve accessibility of developing countries to the funds for
economic diversification to minimize adverse impacts of response measures.
Trade Unions understand the urgency for implementing ambitious and financially backed
policies to fight climate change, and in this context we propose the following policy
recommendations, to:
Promote analysis, discussion and action on employment impacts of climate change
policies and climate events. A joint trade union study on employment consequences of
climate change policies in Europe should be explored as a model for other regions.
Ensure trade union consultation in decision making at the international, national and local
level as a means of strengthening public support of climate change policies, as they relate
to production and consumption.
Support and strengthen ?Cap & Trade? systems to reduce GHG emissions; and raise
awareness about sustainable entrepreneurship as a stimulus to productivity.
Incorporate social and environmental responsibility in the Clean Development
Mechanism (CDM) and integrate appropriate monitoring involving trade unions and civil