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Major Group: Women

Experiences from development projects show that women's independent land rights and control can enhance food security and economic opportunities. Unfortunately, globally, women own less than 5% of the world's land(1).
We would like to highlight that among incentives that could be given to small scale women farmers to enhance their transition to more ecologically sustainable practices include access to land tenure, credit, technology and guaranteed markets.
We appreciate Dr. Hefferan's and Professor Palakurthi's presentations in regards to the need for knowledge sharing, land tenure, finance partnerships and training youth.
We also would like to highlight that there has been concern about the definition of sustainable agriculture and the definition of sustainable development. Eco-system services for current needs and for future generations do need to be considered as an added value to rural agricultural development and as Dr. Hefferan has mentioned "understanding ecosystems services and climate change is key".
(1) Rural Development Institute see: