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Major Group: Women

Thank you chair
Women Major Group would like to mention 4 points with respect to the position of
women and sustainable transport policies:
In rural areas, the lack of connecting means of transport affects especially women and
girls, causing serious health problems. For example: a bus stop, miles away from the only
hospital in the neighborhood, forcing pregnant women to walk extra miles. Government
and private sector should use better planning incorporating these needs and their solutions
of women.
The increase of women participation in the market place, leads to higher mobility and use
of public transport by women. Transport policy has to be reviewed and lead to safe,
public transport. There are some good gender sensitive examples available, e.g. in Japan.
These examples must be imbedded in government policies. The CSD has a task in
proposing actions and disseminate information in this respect.
Key words for sustainable transport are innovation and technology. Partnerships should
be formed and include industry, government, institutes for science and technology and
civil society organizations. The challenge is to bring good ideas from the design table via
pilots and demo?s to the market. Creating volume for new solutions is the biggest
challenge. Good examples: promotion of inter-modal transport, river transport as
mentioned by France and use of alternative fuels like LNG for inland navigation as being
developed in the Netherlands.
Partnerships have to include women and their interests from the start on an equal footing.
Their participation is instrumental for reaching the above goals.
In the Maritime industry, women have organized themselves in WISTA, a worldwide
network. Involvement of these women and their outlook will certainly enhance the
quality of the solutions. They call for more involvement of more women and recognition
of their contributions to the maritime industry.
Thank you