United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Women

Thank you, Chair,
The women?s major group sees the necessity for a global
shift from a debt-based economy that depends on overconsumerism
and results in destruction of nature, people
and through climate change Small Island States. We must
shift to an economy which is based on the value of our
commons and pays for eco-services which will enhance the
sustainability and the economic status of women-- an
economy that prospers as people and the planet thrive.
The Small Island States are confronted by destruction
which is compounded by the actions of each person. People
should protect their natural and social wealth. Women are
agents of change?through being the first educators of a
child, through their principle role in agriculture, through
leadership at all levels of society, and through the many
different roles women play. Governance by and for the
benefit of all people and the planet as a whole must be
inclusive and gender balanced at all levels of governance.
A shift is urgent. It should be based on the following
principles: the phasing out of all toxic chemicals, zero
waste and mining where the lands must be restored to their
natural health and the polluter pays.
Women consider water as a high priority and water is a
cross-cutting issue for all themes of the CSD. We urge
Governments to discuss the water related implications.
Given the themes of the UNCSD, we can discuss a system
where the polluter pays and this results in a Trust out of
which payments are made for a basic income for all. This
would empower women, children, indigenous peoples, and
other protagonists as valuable collaborators in this global
economic shift.