United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Women

The Major Groups for Indigenous People, NGOs, and Women
call for integrative solutions at all levels: local, national and
global on all the themes of CSD-18 to ensure that all life and
human rights, and especially the rights of women, children &
youth, and indigenous people, are protected.
We call for actions that would ensure that best practices and
lessons learned are shared and used worldwide. These would
cover the following 3 challenges to be implemented by 2020:
1. Ways of restoring the earth to its natural health by
stopping environmental degradation and
contamination of natural resources.
2. Freeing the environment of toxic chemicals and
3. Moving to a values-based economy that promotes
zero-waste and is tied to sustainability indicators.
A discussion is needed before the next IPM on the 10-year
Framework of Programmes that is open, all-inclusive,
structured and formalized.
Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights must
be implemented and include education on sustainable
consumption and production patterns.
Producers must be held accountable for the life cycle of their
products and the degradation of natural resources.
We call for a legal and financing mechanism, such as an
International Court for the Environment, that would use these
funds for environmental restoration and a basic livelihood for
In this way, each person can develop their unique potential
and contribute to the wellbeing of all.
We ask governments to be inspired by visionary proposals
from all sources, including civil society, to bring new
thinking to CSD-19.
Thank you.