United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Women

Summary of Presentation: Caribbean Major Group NGOs; 24.6.14

Mr Facilitator, I am Anande Trotman Joseph and I represent the Major Group for the Caribbean NGOs. Thank you for affording us the opportunity to share our input on the SIDS process with respect to the discussion on Gender Equality and Women’s empowerment.

It is our submission that as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) framework comes to a close in 2015, that a comprehensive and transformative Post 2015 and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) development agenda to be adopted.

We of the Caribbean recognize that the structural foundations of gender-based inequality, including resulting inequalities, are a consequence of the unequal relations of power. We are therefore asking that the global Post 2015 and SIDS frameworks take into consideration the social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities of SIDS, and the resulting challenges for sustainable, human rights-based and gender responsive development.

Therefore we respectfully ask you to consider inclusion of language in the outcome document which is informed by the issues around existing internationally agreed gender equality normative frameworks:

Such language we submit, should affirm the Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action and the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action, CEDAW and any other international treaty which has established the normative international law framework for the inclusion of gender equality principles.

Further, we endorse the need for a stand-alone goal on Gender Equality in the Post 2015 Agenda, as well as the mainstreaming of gender equality priorities throughout Post 2015 and SIDS documents and process

The Caribbean is also concerned about achieving a comprehensive gender mainstreamed approach to address concerns including:

Leadership opportunities, government and international governance institutions, accessing capabilities and services- such as universal education, health, universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive right., arable land, food and nutrition, technology and economic resources in a manner that promotes equal access and opportunities for women and girls, where traditionally these were unequal.

The priorities for the post 2015 Development Agenda should be defined by a context of understanding the vulnerability indices of all vulnerable groups of SIDS. If human rights and equality approaches are adopted in this process, we believe that all the generations of rights for which you have all fought for, will be realized.