United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Women

On behalf of Women as a Major Group we would like to support the
statement made by the delegate from Fiji. We take this opportunity to
reiterate the call for action from the international community,
development partners, Major Groups, and Pacific Island countries on
the following issues:
? Innovative financing of end-use technologies and fuels that directly
meet rural and especially poor women?s energy need; particularly
for improved livelihoods and income generation activities.
? Increase effective participation of women in decision making
? The integration of environmental friendly approaches in the
provision of energy services, particularly as they relate to the use
of biomass by women and the impacts on biodiversity.
? Integration of gender sensitive approaches in climate change
mitigation and adaptation interventions.
? Capacity development of energy practitioners at different levels
and from different institutions in the use of participatory and
gender mainstreaming tools in energy planning, implementation
and evaluation.