United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Science & Technology

Statement by the
Scientific and Technologic Community
April 21, 2005
The Scientific &Technological Community wants to emphasize to the
Ministers our commitment to strongly support the CSD-13 process.
Science and Technology, data, knowledge and scientific information are
essential to improve water, sanitation and human settlements connected
sustainable development and for meeting relevant Millennium Development
Policy outcomes by CSD-13 must include recommendations aimed at
insuring a better use and strengthening of Science and Technology to
accelerate implementation of the relevant plans of the JOIP.
The latest draft of the Chair?s Elements for Decision , being negotiated,
recommends policy measures and actions concerning some aspects of
Science and Technology. Certain areas are still inadequately addressed
specially the following ones:
(1) On Technology: The missing term is Infrastructure, both physical
as well as social. Although referred to within the text, it should be
specifically addressed from the national level to the individual level. Human
settlements, as well as water and sanitation call for works for access and
transport such as aqueducts, conveyance systems and the supporting works
required. History shows Infrastructure Development is the common
element propelling developed countries to their current state. It has been the
backbone for interrelation of complex parts in an organized environment.
(2) On Scientific and Technologic information and data collection: we
deem important that open access to both data and information is provided to
all. This will also give credibility to the results and the monitoring of policy
(3) For integrated planning in the CSD-13 Themes: More
interdisciplinary knowledge combining natural, social, and health sciences is
required. To this end, new applied research undertakings are needed.
(4) Finally, we wish to restate that as part of Capacity Building efforts,
specific attention is given to human and institutional capacity building in
Science and Technology, particularly in the majority of developing countries
that still lack those capacities. Certain Capacity Building needs is not limited
to developing countries, but applicable to all groups of countries. .We also
note that there needs to be a transfer of readily applicable practical
techniques, technologies and scientific information, as well as best
management practices, that are judged to conform to the principles of
sustainable development
We thank the Chair for this opportunity to make our statement.