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Statement on SIDS Related Energy Session
8 May 2006
Technology Transfer and Capacity Building for SIDS through demand management of
Energy initiatives
Emilio Colon, World Federation of Engineering Organisations
Technologies on energy production for SIDS need to start from effective programs in demand
management and utilization of newer home and commercial buildings and equipment, as well as
newer technologies which are more efficient energy users. Unfortunatetly many of the equiment
made available are older technology and higher energy users because of costs and not viable
anymore in developed countries. Reductions in the order of 20 to 30 % can be readily achieved.
Through Capacity Building efforts, SIDS can implement policies and programs to teach large
populations on the use of the newer equipment and schemes for energy efficiencies. Utilities tend
not to promote energy conservation because of its impacts on revenues and rate of return of
current investments. Co-generation and other efficient energy production schemes need to be put
in place and promoted by the lending institutions to reduce the initial costs, and placing part of
repayment towards the end of the repayment period-following the Ballon approach.
The Technological Community, through WFEO, has started programs dealing with communities
on energy infrastructure development, as well as its associated water and sanitation sectors. The
initiative of Mobility for Engineers will assist in the technology transfer efforts.