United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Science & Technology

Statement by the Scientific and Technological Communities (2 May 2006)
Yesterday's panelists and today's session emphasized the relevance of supplying energy to small
villages and rural areas in developing countries.
However, in many developing countries, another problem exists that overshadows the energy
supply to less densely inhabited areas. This problem is created by the huge poor rural inflow into
main cities, resulting in concentrated energy needs in emerging slums in major cities and megacities.
This demand can involve larger numbers of people than in the first case. Technologically, the
solutions are different. In the geographically distributed case, small units are feasible favoring
renewables use. In the second, the solution would go through large sized units not necessarily
favoring renewable use. What comes as a first option to be solved is not for us to recommend but
it is a dilemma for governments to deal with.
In any case, scientists, engineers and technologists of the Scientific and Technological
Communities are able to give solutions that are right and fesible.
Jorge Spitalnik