United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Science & Technology

On behalf of the Scientific and Technological Community and specifically the 15 million engineers represented by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations we are pleased to participate in the CSD process.
Everyday these Engineers contribute and are major actors in the Water and Sanitation sector through activities in wastewater and water delivery, operations, maintenance and management. They are active in both the developed and developing world.
Access to reliable Water and Sanitation systems around the world provide global societies the foundation for healthy and clean environments and hence communities,
We know that this access is not universal and many do have access let alone reliable access.
Access alone is not enough; Water and Sanitation systems are complex integrated systems regardless if they are urban or rural, they are interdependent and their sustainable operation, maintenance and management requires scientific and engineering knowledge.
Building Human Capacity with these skills at the national, regional and especially the local levels is essential to sustainability, and Chairman, the Technologies exist, the knowledge for efficient operations and maintenance exist, and various models for management exist. Transfer of this knowledge and building the human capacity is an important element in meeting the MDG?s.
Chairman, briefly we present four points for your consideration;
River basin management as an accepted policy should be given consideration in these discussions to ensure sustainable and safe water supplies,
New pollutants of concern are emerging, e.g. endocrine disruptors, and we need to understand their impacts on both receiving bodies and downstream users,
Causes of the loss of technical human capacity from public utilities to the private sector and/or the developed world require identification and correction,
Sustainable utilities require sustainable resources to be operated and to be maintained, and in fact to meet the demands of growth. Financial models and instruments must address this need.
Thank You