United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoplesf statement for the major group intervention rural
development session, Monday 24th February 2009
IPM Session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
February23]27, 2009, United Nations, New York, New York
Madam Chair, Rural development is an area where most of our governments have
ignored for years. This problem has caused mass rural urban migration. The workload
of women has increased from the usual, as they are left to farm and look after the
family- children and the old. Poverty has increased leaving vulnerable more desperate
than ever before. If we have to stop this migration and reduce poverty child mortality
and archive other millennium development goals, rural development needs have to be
mainstreamed in national development frameworks. It is important to ensure that
action is taken now and that the policy priorities have to be action oriented,
participatory, inclusive and have to be those that will address the many social,
cultural and economic constraints faced by Indigenous Peoples and other local
communities globally.
�� It is important as priority to take measures, prioritize and introduce
participatory mechanisms that can integrate into infrastructure and market
development which can promote technological choices by Pastoralists and
farmers to facilitate innovations.
�� Measures should be taken to implement equitable and inclusive basic services
like water resources and address conflicting users of those resources,
especially between pastoralist and farmers.
�� Traditional livelihoods, management of natural resources by Indigenous
Peoples should be supported.
�� Provide support for the development and installation of simple local
technologies such as those promoting shallow wells, subsurface dams, water
harvesting techniques, for the access of water for domestic consumption and
hygiene, and for economic activities such as livestock rising, brick making or
small-scale agricultural activities.
�� If we have to reduce men and youth migrating to cities, policies have to be
put in place that will decentralise and locally manage renewable energy
systems in the rural areas
Thank you Madam Chair.
Presented for Indigenous Peoples major group by Lucy Mulenkei- Indigenous Information Network