United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Indigenous Peoples

CSD13- Interactive discussions Access to housing and public services.
Indigenous Peoples.- 12.4.2004
Lucy Mulenkei, Indigenous Information Network and Estebancio Castro, International
Indian Treaty Council
Thank you Madam Chair,
Indigenous Peoples live in remote areas world wide. These areas when it comes
to Government planning are easily forgotten. Most of the Peoples have also now
settled in their territories and due to poverty and increased population cannot
afford good and safe shelter where public services are not available and where
available are poor. The problem has caused most of the indigenous peoples
productive group to move to urban areas causing women stress and vulnerability
and security risks for women and children
· As we think of upgrading slums in urban areas, there is need for equitable
attention of the rural areas too and especially the remote areas where the
Indigenous Peoples and local communities live.
· Development of action plans on human settlements and implementation of
integrated land use planning and IWRM plans must be strengthened to
provide security of tenure and legal protection of indigenous peoples lands
and territories.
· Legal protection for Indigenous Peoples rights in development processes,
planning and implementation of accessible water, sanitation, labor, and
other infrastructure projects for human settlements are some of the
outstanding obstacles that must be addressed.
· Safeguards must be put in place to protect vulnerable and poor
communities impacted by human settlement and involuntary resettlement,
those whose well-being is closely linked to biodiversity and natural world
· Strengthen and build capacity of Indigenous and local communities
applying both improved housing while focusing on indigenous Knowledge
to ensure full and effective participation of the communities.
· Financing Institutions should provide funding to assist the Indigenous
Peoples and the local communities to control and to manage their own
services and improve their shelters for sustainable development.
· States must develop and strengthen policies, targets and institutional
frameworks to improve human settlements services.
Thank you Madam Chair.