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Major Group: Indigenous Peoples

Thank you Mr. Chairman.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank the entire panelist for their good and informative presentations. The presentations especially the one on Indigenous peoples was comprehensive that I do not need to go back to add on some of the recommendations while reacting to the panelist.
Some of the challenges which have become crucial to focus is the rural urban migration because of prolonged drought spells that have caused the loose of livestock which is their economy. Normally these are productive members of the community leaving women and children despite in the villages with no food for the children. The drought further cause?s environmental refugees forcing the ones left behind to have from their homes to urban centers in the rural areas. Water shortage and increase of diseases increases the stress as it ahs been mentioned by the panelists.
Due to the above problems, Mr chairman when people move from their homes and lands and they get assimilated and they loose their traditional Knowledge. This is a serious issues for indigenous peoples and we urge the world to think of alternative livelihoods that can help these communities to continue surviving in their lands.
Before I conclude could like to add recommendations to those given by panelists.
Need for recognition of the indigenous and tribal people and their traditional systems, A good example is how African Pastoarlist have used their own drought cycle management, traditional disaster warning systems for years and can tell when and how to cop with the disaster and other natural calamities.
Information and awareness creation should be enhanced in order to strengthen the capacity of these communities to deal with new technologies in adapting to climate change and managing drought.
The rights and knowledge of these communities should be respected and recognized for their advancement.
Policies should focus on including Pastoralism as an important contribute to the economy of each countries where these communities live.
Thank you