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Major Group: Farmers

STATEMENT MADE BY IFAP - FARMERS ? May 8 ? Atmospheric pollution and
adaptation to climate change.- Conf. Room 4 from 10:00 ? 6:00 ?CSD 14
My nane is Maria Christina Pacheco, here representing IFAP farmers from a member
organization called ORPLANA, Brazil
Today farmers need to adapt to an globalized world. It is essential to
recognize the important role of farmers and growers both as representing
one of the most affected sectors by climate change. FARMERS are making a
lot of efford to mitigate clima change consequences by increasing the
efficiency of our farming pratices, reducing emissons, and adopting carbon
FARMERS ? uses to produce only food, but I like to say, we FARMES are
the PRODUCERS the FUEL for the HUMAN BEING and animals , but
today we must say we, FARMERS, produce AGROENERGY...
Here 3 good exemples in Brazil: (I am a sugarcane farmer from Brazil)
1-ETHANOL- A biofuel program that started in 1976 and today
represents 13.5% of Brazil Energy Matrix- with oil over 30 US$ the
program is highly economical fisable.
2-CO-GENERATION ? is a program where - Sugar cane produce- sugarethanol
and eletricity
3-BIODIESEL ? The new green treasure
Brazil Biodiesel Program mandatory as of 2008. Biodiesel is produced from
a variety of raw material, such as castor bean, dende palm, soybeans,
peanuts, cotton, etc., animal fat, residual oil and fats. This program gives the
small growers the opportunity to produce raw material for the Biodiesel
FARMERS ? besides climate change, always have market problens...the
price of our products has the smaller share on the price the consumer pays
for it. Ex. A FARMER in Brazil for a 60 kg bag of coffee grains(export
quality) receives 145US$... One cup of expresso coffee uses 13.8 g of
roasted coffee and is sold for the consumer around here for 3 US$ at least. 1
bag of coffee could make at least 1,000 cups of coffee .14.5 cents US$ is for
FARMERS to produce and take its profit. So the opportunitie to produce
energy will gives the Farmers another important source of income.
If the DEVELOPDED WORLD invest, finances, transfers tecnhology, to
produce RENEWABLE ENERGY in the underdeveloped countries, WE
FARMERS could produce part of this renewable energy, such as,
in the World as planned and wished for all of us. There is space for farming
for FOOD and farming for ENERGY. Don?t worry we FARMERS will
continue to produce your FUEL... your FOOD.
Maria Christina Pacheco
www.orplana.com.br ? growers organization
www,unica.com.br - millers organization