United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Farmers

Statements made by Dr. Sarala Gopalan, (representing International Federation of
Agricultural Producers, IFAP,) on behalf of Major Groups ??Farmers?.
5th May 2006- 10 AM to 1 PM
Enhancing means of Implementation through sub-regional, regional and international
Thank you chairman for giving me an opportunity to express farmers? views.
Research and Development information is as important to farmers as for industry. Unlike
industry, agriculture is more decentralized and spread over different regions in differing agroclimatic
conditions. Energy intensities of farming in different regions also vary very
significantly both for climatic and economic reasons, and scales of farming.
Farming requires a great deal of innovations to meet the new challenges. Hence a whole range
of R&D efforts are required to keep farming abreast of the new challenges. Unlike industry,
farmers cannot pay for all the R&D. Region specific efforts are urgent to provide cost effective
inputs into farming to make it viable for farmers in different parts of the world. Farmers have
not only to meet challenges of climate change and make their operations economic, but also
ensure food production for the growing population of the world, provide raw material for
industry, and undertake energy plantations for producing alternate sources of energy.
Governments have to provide the investments required for the necessary research and make the
end product cost effective for farmers.
Thank you, chairman.