United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Farmers

Thank you Chairman for recognizing the farmers'representative.
We have looked at the draft Chairman's negotiating document. We are disappointed to find no
reference to agriculture either in the impact of climate change or as a sector that can influence
reduction of impact. Farmers are the most effected by climate change- they loose their
I need hardly emphasize that farmersarebecoming scarce and quitting farming in the developed
countries, while they are getting impoverished and even taking their lives when farming becomes
unsustainable for them as a way of their livelihoods in the developing countries. In the interest
of food security for humanity everywhere and livelihoods protection for the majority in the
developing world all aspects of agriculture needs to be given priority in the issues relating to
climate change.
I find 28 bullet points relating to various actions required in the Chairman's draft negotiating
document. While there is specific reference to "implement climate policies and actions that yield
co-benefits...........in the area of energy efficiency, air pollution and industrial development" there
is no mention of agriculture.
There is reference to fuel efficiency in transport sector but no reference to fuel efficiency
inagriculture, which can contrimute clean bio-fuels.
As mentioned alreadt 'agriculture needs to bementioned specificallyboth because it is the most
effected by climatechange and also because it can mitigate climate change in several ways
including producing bio-fuels and changing the way of farming.
Agriculture Policies need to be integrated in climate policies and actions into national sustainable
development strategiesandpoverty reduction strategies, with respect to both
Sarala Gopalan