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Major Group: Farmers

The International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP)
My name is Maria Christina Pacheco. I am a cane grower from Brazil and my organisation is a
member of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP).
FARMERS ? uses to produce only food , but I like to say, we FARMES are the
PRODUCERS the FUEL for the HUMAN BEING and animals , but today we must say
we, FARMERS, produce also - BIO-ENERGY...
2-FARMERS - can play an important role in planning for and meeting the call for renewable
energy and therefore, energy security needs.
3- Renewable energies represent an opportunity to increase farmers? income, to revive rural
communities, bringing jobs and wealth, fighting poverty in rural area. Of course, farmers are
well aware that the development of renewable energies has to be done in a sustainable way.
4 -FARMERS are already involved in the Bio-energy economy, and could help a lot more
producing Green Energy all over the world in respect to human beings and Mother Earth.
Bio-energy is emerging as fossil fuel becomes economically, environmentally, and
politically unsustainable.
5 ? FARMERS need support from Government and International Organization to promoted
and facilitate investment in production of Bio-energy, and we FARMERS can produce it,
such as, Ethanol ?Biodiesel, Eletricity and FOOD. And POVERTY could diminished of the
world as planned and wished.