United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Farmers

Madam Chairwoman,
We, the farmers, have repeatedly called for attention on food security
issues. In some countries, as much as 40% of crops are lost after harvest.
Figures for losses among consumers are similarly high. We must reduce
food waste and find ways to recycle it into compost, energy, and
other valuable byproducts. This issue is among the most pressing before
us and we encourage a larger discussion of the issue.
As well, in the area of waste management we encourage:
? Improving delivery systems for key resources, such as water, to limit
? Increasing the level of education on agricultural waste through
training programmes for farmers and local communities, including
practices to minimize waste, as well as treat and dispose of waste
properly with appropriate systems of recycling.
? Develop uses and markets for parts of plants that may be
underutilised or discarded ? for example using stems, leaves or
manure to produce bio-energy.
? Build storage facilities, including cold storage, and improve
transportation networks to minimise losses in storage, transformation
and transportation.
During this session we have also heard the discussion of the need for
chemicals in our lives with the goal of using them safely and only when
needed. The use of crop protection products has generated an abundant
supply of food and lowered food prices. Fertilizer has helped to increase
yields and sustains soils. Farming needs access to both, but as with all
technologies, proper use is essential.
First and foremost, we would like to see support for integrated crop
management and best practices that ensure application of the right
amount of chemicals at the right time and in the right manner. We
believe training on these techniques will help to reduce the use of
chemicals in agriculture. Therefore we hope it will receive consideration in
the summary flowing from this meeting.
As well, we encourage:
? Improving access to appropriately packaged inputs (e.g. small or one
use packaging)
? Promoting capacity building with farmers to meet trade standards
? Improving supply chain management of chemicals through training of
distributors and local suppliers
Thank you Madame Chairwoman