United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Farmers

Mister Chairman,
Models for sustainable development must involve proper management of
waste from farming operations, animal waste. Options outlined by Magegas
need to be introduced. This involves minimizing agricultural waste while
maximizing environmentally sound reuse and recycling.
Too often farmers in developing countries lack resources, knowledge and
information about techniques and waste management procedures. For
instance, bio gas production from animal manure improves the value of
agricultural and other residues and is beneficial for the environment. It also
provides valuable electrical power. Humane, sustainable livestock
production is achievable, with environmentally sensitive management of
waste. However, the required investments and costs of maintenance
remain prohibitively expensive to most farmers. Increasing the use of
biogas as a bio energy remains dependant on Government incentive
As we move along the production chain, reducing production losses and
food waste are key elements for sustainable development.
Another issue concerns food waste during the production and consumption
phases. This includes products that do not meet trade quality standards.
Information and training on food quality standards is needed in order to
change the food chain actors? behaviours, including the behaviour of
Recently in India, as already referred to by the distinguished Delegate from
South Africa,- in the State of Kerala, Women?s self Help Groups have
organized themselves to collect household waste at the door of the
households and deliver them at designated collection points of the
Municipality for recycling in separate compartments according to the nature
of the waste. This systematic organization has been able to provide regular
employment and decent incomes to thousands of persons throughout the
State and has served as an important Poverty Alleviation Programme,
along with making the cities clean, and environmentally safe. More
intensified technology for better recovery of important elements from the
waste, needs to be pursued.
Thank you.