United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Farmers

Major Group – Farming.

The creation of a more enabling environment to promote the sustainability of small holder farmers through POLICY CHANGE that:
• shape sustainable land use and water management policy that is more favourable to agriculture, food security and human rights for small holder farmers;
• To improve the overall security of farmers- food, social and national security, health and safety(HASSAP Standards).
• Rethinking agriculture as a business, promoting entrepreneurship and creating employment;
• Greater emphasis in the education system and concrete initiative to encouraging youth in agriculture ,

Stronger focus on climate smart agriculture as a key strategy for enhancing new production techniques that incorporate DRR and climate change/ climate variation.
• CaFAN is working with key agencies to design climate smart farms and require assistance to capture learning and roll out this model;
• CaFAN is working with the TMAC on DRM to develop an interactive tool kit on DRM and climate change issues;
• CaFAN is working with other agricultural organisations and institutions to develop policies that will create an enabling environment for the development and enhancement of small farm families.

The creation and strengthening of the mechanism that supports the funding of a working group to look at promoting best agricultural practices from Small Island developing states especially those that deal with farmers who have adapted to climate smart practices.

Creating linkages:
• Implementation of a food and nutrition policies by linking agriculture to health;

• Small holder policy which encompasses the sustainability of the sector, which is supported by CFAN and other agri based agencies;

• The funding of a working group of three persons and other UN agencies that will support the development of mechanism;

• Building on SLM and DRM programmes which already exist in the region;

• Within SIDS mechanisms which has civil society at the forefront. It should NGO /FO driven. SIDS activity that has a UN based mandate to support small holder farmers;

• Promotion of go green initiative i.e., using more organic based product rather than chemical based.