United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Famers

Mister Chairman,
In many developing countries, sustainable practices are difficult to
implement due to the lack of financial resources, infrastructure and
services. This represents a major constraint on the competitiveness and
profitability of the agricultural sector.
Investment must be focused on infrastructure, especially roads, as well as
on-farm storage and processing facilities that reduce post-harvest losses.
Reducing production losses and food wastage are key elements for
sustainable development. Some estimates of post harvest losses are as
high as 40%. It is time FAO studied that question and updated those
Farmers need to have adequate transportation infrastructure, local storage
facilities including cold chain storage for food preservation to reduce
losses. We encourage projects like the corridors? approach being taken in
Farmers also need access to food processing facilities and scientific post
harvest management.
A related issue concerns food wastage during the processing and
consumption phases. This includes products that do not meet trade quality
standards. Information and training on food quality standards is needed in
order to change the food chain actors? behaviours, including the behaviour
of consumers.
Finally, significant financial resources and political will are needed to
strengthen farmers? organizations to better address food security and
sustainable patterns in production and consumption. These resources must
be accessible to all stakeholders who are essential for underpinning the
needed advances in the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of agriculture
approaches, especially to farmers and their associations.