United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Children & Youth (Part 1)

Wednesday May 3rd
Thank you Chair.
My name is Juan Hoffmaister with SustainUS from the youth caucus. I would like to briefly
share the experience of youth in North America in making their educational infrastructures more
Upgrades and efforts have allowed allocation of financial resources to investment in renewable
energy. We have been seen universities, like College of the Atlantic
( http://www.coa.edu/html/campussustainabilityefforts.htm) complete energy efficiency projects,
such as lighting upgrades, efficient appliance purchasing, and other environmental control
systems. These efforts have helped millions of dollars, which has allowed educational
institutions to invest in 100% renewable energy. The demand created by educational institutions
facilitates market developed in the renewable sector.
Partnerships between private sector and educational institutions have been essential. Universities
buildings spend at least 22% of the energy budgets on electricity. Since 1984 many educational
institutions have been installing over 11MW on renewable energy, including solar and wind. To
date, more than 80 educational institutions in the United States are buying renewable energy, on
the order of 500MW per year.
These efforts have been part of a youth- led national campaign to educate and empower youth to
achieve progress in energy efficiency and renewable energy. We have a publication that list
dozens of case studies on energy efficiency and renewable energy, which I would be happy to
share with distinguish members of the Plenary (www.energyaction.net).
Governments can support youth initiates, education and awareness have defined the success of
these efforts and the lessons learned have proven to be replicable and successful to promote
renewable energy on and off grid.
I hope we can continue to explore youth- led practices, particularly in the context of the UN
Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.
Thank you this opportunity mister chairman.