United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Children & Youth

Youth Major Group Key Points
Water plenary, Tuesday 12th April, 10am ? 1pm
- The move from a needs-based approach to a rights-based approach reinforces and
clarifies water as a human right. Sucessful public financing and community
management of water services is fundamental to the protection and safeguarding
of this human right.
- Transparency within consultation and decision making processes regarding water
services. A participatory approach within all such consultation processes
including the full involvement of local community, civil society, women and
youth is essential.
- Develop partnerships in areas without access to safe water to train youth to lead
community-based water supply projects. Provide incentives such as grants or
micro- finance for youth to work for safe water in thier community, and for youthled
clean water projects.
- Universal primary education must be accompanied with the inclusion of water
issues in all education curricula.
CSD Youth Causus.