United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Children & Youth

Major Group: Youth
Speaker: Jessica Lin, SustainUS, USA
Thematic Discussion: Industrial Development Dealing with Poverty Eradication
May 4, 2006: 10am-1pm
Conference Room 4
Thank you Mr. Chairman and distinguished panelists. The youth would like to build upon the
comments brought up by Mr. Kituyi and Mr. Smith regarding the initiatives undertaken by
UNDP and UNIDO in developing countries. We recognize that development of technology,
increase in productivity, and the creation of strong community-based enterprises and
partnerships are crucial to improving such vital issues like education, health, and income- all key
steps to poverty eradication. One specific example of a small-scale, but successful project that
begins to solve many of these problems are the multifunctional platforms that have been
established in 350 Mali villages as part of a UNDP/UNIDO initiative.
More than just a clean energy tool, the multifunctional platform eases the burden on rural woman
and youth through the mechanization of tedious agricultural tasks. Women?s average annual
incomes have tripled, and they have saved between two and six hours of time per day. The
attendance and performance of school age girls has increased since they have not had to stay at
home to help their mothers, and men benefit from the use of electricity for hand tools and
creation of jobs as operators and repair artisans. Moreover, the entire community benefits from
the introduction of the first electrical light in a dark village. This is just one viable possibility that
innovative technology and assistance can affect productivity, enterprises and employment in
whole communities in developing countries. As youth, we are both committed and excited to
work together to continue financial and sustainable support for the MFPs and other related
projects in other countries and communities around the world. Thank you.