United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Children & Youth

Thank you,
Transportation systems should improve quality of life by facilitating access to social services. For
example, sustainable transportation systems, can help children and youth in rural and suburban
areas have access to quality education.
Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that transportation systems should only be called
accessible if they are safe, affordable, appropriate and strategically linked to regional economies.
Accessible transportation should not create harmful emissions that put human health at risk.
Children are especially susceptible to developing respiratory-related diseases due to such
emissions. There must be strong language calling for the reduction of these emissions. For this
to be acheived, green energy technologies must be improved and implemented. Also, nonmotorized
transportation, such as walking and biking, should be encouraged.
We feel that the participation of civil society in transport-related decision-making processes is vital
for ensuring that special requirements for the disabled, children and youth are taken into account
and fulfilled to improve accessibility.
Thank you.