United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Children & Youth

Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting of CSD-15
Youth Statement on Air Pollution/Atmosphere
28 February, 2007 Morning Session
Thank you Chair for the opportunity
On behalf of Youth and Children Major Group, I wish to reiterate the
following youth recommendations on Air Pollution and Atmosphere:
1. We need a collaborative and functional international policy
2. Reducing air pollution in urban areas must be at the centre of all
national and international programmes;
3. Regulation of industry should be improved;
4. Education programmes on Air Pollution and Atmosphere especially
for youth should be strengthened;
5. Fiscal policy should be used to promote public transport, fuel
efficiency, high-occupancy car pooling and car sharing cooperative
Chair, Children and Youth do not wish to inherit a toxic, radioactive, dirty,
and carbon-driven world. We call on the Commission and all concerned
stakeholders to take action to ensure that we will see a truly sustainable
Thanks you!