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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Major Group: Business & Industry (Part 2)

Intervention given by Business and Industry at the Thematic Discussion on
Advanced Energy Technologies, 3 May, 2006
Intervention given by Dr Jonathan Cobb
?Thank you Mr Chairman,
I am speaking on behalf of the International Chamber of Commerce, which is participating in
the Business Action on Energy Initiative.
Mr Chairman, we face a tremendous energy challenge, meeting the world?s growing need for
energy and meeting our objectives on greenhouse gas emissions.
We believe that this energy challenge is so great that we will need to consider all energy
technologies and resources. The use of advanced energy technologies can improve the way in
which we use those resources.
Speaking to the question posed by the G77 and China, and reflecting on this morning?s
discussion, renewable technologies will be needed alongside advanced energy technologies to
meet our energy objectives. The best energy solution will depend on the specific requirements
of the individual energy need.
On the issue of barriers and constraints, we will need to ensure that sufficient R&D resources
are available to develop potentially efficient technologies and identify mechanisms to transfer
those technologies into an efficient market.
We also need stable frameworks that will encourage long term energy investments and
capacity building.
We believe the best way to meet our energy challenge is to continue to develop both existing
and new efficient technologies to improve access to energy, to promote energy efficiency and
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Thank you.?