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Major Group: Business and Industry

Ocean Conference Prep Mtg – Day 1, Session 1
Business and Industry statement
Thank you Mr Co-facilitator,
The role of business and industry is critical to implementing SDG 14 across all the themes.
I represent the World Ocean Council - the global, multi-sector leadership alliance on ocean sustainable development.
I am speaking more broadly on behalf of the Global Business Alliance for 2030 and the Business and Industry Major Group.
The Global Business Alliance (GBA) is coordinated by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The GBA includes the WOC, UN Global Compact, and many industry organizations who, along with their member companies, are advancing the role of industry in sustainable development.
Through the GBA, the private sector has engaged in the SDG process from the beginning, with the WOC leading efforts on SDG 14 on behalf of the ocean business community.
The WOC, ICC and Global Compact are working together in an informal partnership to inform, engage and coordinate the involvement of the private sector in the UN Ocean Conference.
Specifically with regards to the themes for partnership dialogues, we have three key messages:
First, Business and industry agrees with the 7 themes as outlined.
However, we highlight the need to consider the cross-cutting nature of many aspects and the linkages with other SDGs
Second, we strongly encourage the co-chairs, co-facilitators and theme session organizers to engage business and industry in the development of the partnership dialogues for all 7 themes, and to include the private sector representatives in the theme panels at the Conference.
Third, we strongly encourage the conference organizers to work with and through the partnership that WOC, ICC and Global Compact have formed to foster and facilitate private sector involvement in the partnership dialogues.
The business and industry community is ready and willing and able to be actively involved in the preparatory process and ensuring the Ocean Conference leads to practical, meaningful outcomes in advancing ocean sustainable development.
Thank you.