United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Least Developed Countries (LDCs)


(Industrialization and promoting equality among nations
Sustainable Cities and human settlement)



NEW YORK, 7 MAY 2014

Distinguished Co-Chairs
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the honor to deliver this statement on behalf of LDCs. This statement supplements the statement made by Bolivia on behalf of the G77 and China.

On industrialization, LDCs would support the provisions under sub-items 9 (a) and (b). On 9 (c) and (d), regarding productivity and diversity, we must have numerical targets. On 9 (e) the Group is of the view that resource efficiency greatly depends on technologies and technical know-how. Therefore it has to be matched with corresponding provision of technology transfer to LDCs.

Other provisions of 9 (e) on the reduction of harmful chemical use and carbon emissions would not be applicable to LDCs. Similarly, on 9 f, g and h with regards to increasing the share of environmentally sustainable products and services, strengthening technological capabilities of industrial sector and retrofitting the industries, LDCs would not be able to take any responsibility unless there is provisions of access to adequate external support in the form of finance and technologies.

Additionally the group would like to see a specific target on the following areas in the next version of the text:

a) achieve structural transformation of the economy towards higher productivity sectors and activities;
b) achieve sustained industrial development in LDCs by at least doubling the share of manufacturing in the economy.
c) diversify local productive and export capability with a focus on promotion of value chains in agriculture, manufacturing and services; (IPoA)
d) increase significantly support to LDCs, with a view to reaching the status of high-income developing countries, through value addition in natural resource-based industries through domestic processing of raw materials and their integration in regional and global value chains; (based on IPoA) and
e) enhance the export diversification with a view to helping LDCs reach the level of merchandise exports index of other developing countries.

With regard to the means of implementation, the Group of LDCs would like to make the following proposals:

a) Provide enhanced financial and technological support to LDCs; (IPoA)
b) Increase the allocation of ODA to LDCs’ priorities with particular focus on productive capacity development (IPoA), taking into account its high relative impact in their development investment;
c) Support the development of science and technology to increase agricultural production and productivity; (IPoA)

The working document significantly lacks the issues and targets essential for addressing inequality among countries. With a view to addressing inequalities at the global level, we need to address the challenges related to global systemic issues. We need to ensure that the focus of global growth is progressively shifted to LDCs. This is the reason we want “differential and preferential treatment (DPTL) for LDCs.

The Group would like to propose the following targets:

(a) Enhance the voice and participation of LDCs in the global decision making process.
(b) LDCs must have a very high and progressive economic growth with at least 7% annual target.

Under means of implementation, the Group would like to propose the following:
(a) Provide DFQF market access for all LDCs products,
(b) Full operationalization of the Technology Bank with a view to promoting technological capacity of LDCs, and
(c) Provide strengthened financial support to LDCs.

On sustainable cities and human settlement, the Group of LDCs would like to support the provisions articulated in the first part 10 (a). However, the second part on eliminating slum-like conditions everywhere requires that the LDCs are provided with adequate resources. The Group supports the targets under 10 b and c.

We would suggest reformulating the target 10a) as follows: By 2030, ensure security of land tenure and universal access to adequate and affordable housing and basis services for all, and eliminate slum-like conditions everywhere;

With regards to the need to ensure youth and children friendly cities planning we would reformulate the target 10c) as follows: “Enhance capacities for integrated and healthy urban and rural settlements planning and sustainable management that provides for healthy family life and children and youth wellbeing and participation” and ensure access to basic public services for all.

Under means of implementation, the Group of LDCs would like to see the following targets:

(a) Provide financial and technical support to least developed to build urban infrastructure including communications, sewerage, waste management, recycling and other basic services;
(b) Support LDCs, including through financial and technical assistance and technology transfer, for low-cost building, utilizing local contents and materials (based on the IPoA).

I thank you all for your kind attention.