United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


· Expressing to the committee?s chairman his appreciation and
felicitation, as well as Kuwait?s confidence that under the Chairman?s
leadership this meeting will achieve its desired objectives.
· The issues of energy, sustainable development, industrial
development, air pollution and climate change should be considered
and discussed as a whole cluster.
· Regarding the concept of energy and sustainable development, Kuwait
believes that the sustainable development process is integrated
because it deals, together and not separately, with the three pillars of
sustainable development which are economic development, social
development and environment. The choice should not be selective,
that means focusing on one aspect without the other, which
consequently could lead us to marginalize the other aspects.
· Regarding the phenomenon of climate change, the State of Kuwait
attaches great importance to this issue. The exclusive focus on
carbon dioxide, without considering other factors, may not reflect the
real situation. When implementing the Kyoto Protocol to the United
Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Kuwait believes
that all its articles and paragraphs should be taken into consideration
without differentiation or omission or selective choice of some items.
· Regarding the issue of renewable and substitute energies, while this
phenomenon may be important for some societies, especially rural and
urban, Kuwait believes that it is necessary to carry out economic,
environmental and social research works on the effects of those
sources of energy in many water and plants, prior to their extensive
use. Kuwait also believes that it should be complied with the
principles of common, but different, responsibility, when raising issues
related to climate change and air pollution.