United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Madam Chair,
Allow me to start with offering you words of congratulation on your election
to the office of the Chairman of the 15th session of the Commission and to wish
successful accomplishment of your mission.
Attaining sustainable development is a key to the global sustainability.
Energy plays a critical role in reducing poverty and achieving Millennium
Development Goals. We share the view contained in the Chairman?s draft
negotiating document that the development and use of advanced and cleaner fossil
fuel technologies should be increased.
As it is pointed out in the Report of the Secretary General ?Policy options
and possible actions to expedite implementation: energy for sustainable
development? market related and institutional barriers need to be overcome and
improved energy efficiency technologies need to be made available to promote the
adoption and use of energy efficiency measures.
Kazakhstan as a major oil producer will ensure stability, predictability and
long-term interests of our neighbors and international partners to whom
Kazakhstan supplies energy resources. At the same time further development of
hydrocarbons sector in Kazakhstan will be directly linked to economic
diversification and the Government will pay special attention to the effectiveness
of management of the petrochemical sector, gas resources, and energy export
Reliable energy supply will require increased investments in and support for
upstream and downstream infrastructures, including oil production infrastructures
as well as addressing the problem related to further lowering tariff and non-tariff
barriers to facilitate import of industrial goods and trade development in whole.
Strengthening cooperation to eliminate gas flaring and venting would make
a great contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving energy and
ensuring a larger energy supply.
As a member of the Group of Landlocked Developing Countries Kazakhstan
stands for enhancement of adequate financial resources to support landlocked
developing countries in the effective implementation of national sustainable
development strategies. The benefits from implementation of provisions of the
Almaty Plan of Action would allow to landlocked developing countries to spend
more resources to the implementation of policies on energy for sustainable
The region of Central Asia has many unique features that need to be taken
into account in setting sustainable development strategies. The challenging issues
for the region of Central Asia include among others, cooperation to enable capacity
building, technology transfer and use, diversification of the energy mix.
As it is noted in the Report ?regional and cross-border cooperation can not
only contribute to improving access to energy but also enhance energy security?.
We support conclusion that regional and sub regional cooperation in support of an
efficient energy distribution system may complement national efforts to promote
energy development. We believe that in order to ensure undisrupted energy
supplies it is expedient to create in Central Asia a complex system of state energy
networks and also the ?Council on Energy Security?, which would promote the
creation of a market system providing regional and international energy security.
In conclusion, I would like to note that ecologically responsible approach in
dealing with the issues of energy is of most importance for sustainable
development and our common goal is to ensure effective use of available energy
resources and development of new one.
Thank you for your attention.